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On Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 12:56 AM, sandeep kumar wrote:
> newbie to linux
> starting(to learn) user interface design in c
> tell me where to start
> explain me the terms gnome, qtdesigner, glade and ncurses
> any help would be thankful

Toolkits are libraries that offer you standard objects like windows,
buttons, textfields, radiobuttons, checkboxes etc. To create a
frontend or UI, you need to have a window, and place buttons etc

I am assuming you have used GNOME and/or KDE. If you have used/seen
both, you should realize that the the interfaces have a different
look/feel to them (besides the fact that they provide the developer a
different interface). The reason they are different is because GNOME
uses gtk libarry (GNOME toolkit) and KDE uses QT.

If you are using Ubuntu, it comes with GNOME by default. If you want
to develop an application for your PC then, it is recommended that you
use gtk. Glade[1] is one popular tool available for making UIs using
gtk. Anjuta[2] is another tool (IDE) you can use for making UIs using

Similarly, if your preference is QT (since you might be using
KDE/KUBUNTU etc), you might want to consider finding a tutorial on QT

ncurses[4] can be used to design text-based interfaces.

You code in C for all of the above but there are bindings (equivalent
libraries) available for other languages as well.

If you want to start with python, google for "python and gtk" or
"python and qt".

So reading these explanations, find yourself a tutorial for whatever
you prefer and follow it.



If you find there are still terms that you don't understand in this
email, google for them.

By - Sharad

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