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Author : Sharad


Hi all,

More random stuff.

I recently bought a Canon EOS 450D DSLR and took some pictures in raw (.cr2) format. Since I didn't have the CD lying around, I tried downloading the software from Canon's website but it was a major pain in the a$$ and finally I gave up trying to run it (initially I was trying to run it on wine but I even tried M$ OS but it didn't even work there!). You can't simply install the bloody thing! It has some very random circular dependencies(?) or whatever, I simply didn't want to bother reading with all the details. BTW, their software is called digital photo professional.

Now, when I double clicked on the .cr2 files in Ubuntu 8.04, it opened it by default in F-Spot. Amazing piece of software which showed the picture completely but didn't have a feature to export it to jpeg! I kept banging my head at it, tried many different softwares like dcraw, and UFRaw but none seem to really help. UFRaw gave me tons of options (also available comes as gimp-ufraw which allows importing images in gimp) which I really don't understand right now. dcraw, is the command line tool which apparently all such softwares use but it always gave me a picture with a blue tint.

Anyways, finally I went to #f-spot on where I was helped by this awesome dude, "hub" (respect). Although he didn't help me directly, but with his help, I finally figured out that there is a patch fix for this problem in the wild for a very long time. By installing the latest version of dcraw, it worked like a charm! (You can write a script to do batch conversions!!)

So, at the end of all this, I want to bring "dcraw" and "ppmtojpeg" (available in netpbm) as two tools which are really awesome (but obviously has very specific use). dcraw can read many different "raw formats" used by different camera vendors. Official website:

Hope this will help someone, someday!

BTW, I even tried using Irfanview but couldn't get it to start on wine and it crashed when I tried to load a .cr2 file on M$ OS.

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